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Bramble Whisky - Sloemotion Distillery Bramble Whisky – 5cl, 50cl, 70cl
21% abv. The mellow, deep flavour of the fruity blackberries combines delightfully with the earthy tones of the whisky to create a deliciously harmonious liqueur....
Cherry Brandy - Sloemotion Distillery Cherry Brandy - Sloemotion Distillery
If you can find a better Cherry Brandy we’d like to know about it. Made with only whole sweet and sour cherries, this delightful and...
Damson Gin - Sloemotion Distillery Damson Gin - Sloemotion Distillery
Ryedale in the northern part of the Vale of York used to be a major producer of Damsons, the domesticated cousin of the Sloe. We...
An eye-catching hedgerow-sketch gift set with a 5cl bottle of our classic Hedgerow Liqueurs. Our award-winning Sloe Gin, Bramble Whisky, lauded by whisky lovers and...
Sloe Gin - Sloemotion Distillery Sloe Gin - Sloemotion Distillery
This is where it all began. Conservation work on the farm ended up yielding lots of fruit on the hedges helping wildlife; it also gave...
Sloe Ruby - Sloemotion Distillery Sloe Ruby - Sloemotion Distillery
The combination of Ruby Port, Sloes & Hedgerow Gin ought not to work, but it does! Once tried it’s impossible to forget. Unlike our other...