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Rhubarb & Raspberry Dry Gin 70cl - Sloemotion Distillery Rhubarb & Raspberry Dry Gin 70cl - Sloemotion Distillery
Delicious and delightfully refreshing; our bestseller for a reason. Sourced from the Yorkshire Rhubarb triangle we experimented to see what this celebrated local product would...
Hedgerow Dry Gin 70cl - Sloemotion Distillery Hedgerow Dry Gin 70cl - Sloemotion Distillery
This classic juniper led gin was inspired by the hedgerows of North Yorkshire where we have abundant botanicals to add subtle tones and flavours. Initially,...
An eye-catching hedgerow-sketch gift set with a 5cl bottle of our classic Hedgerow Dry Gin, it's pink cousin Rhubarb & Raspberry Gin and our delicious...
Bramble Whisky - Sloemotion Distillery Bramble Whisky – 5cl, 50cl, 70cl
21% abv. The mellow, deep flavour of the fruity blackberries combines delightfully with the earthy tones of the whisky to create a deliciously harmonious liqueur....
Sloe Gin with Elderberry - Sloemotion Distillery Sloe Gin with Elderberry - Sloemotion Distillery
Our exciting, new release for 2021 uses two of the very best Hedgerow heroes; whole, handpicked sloe berries and elderberries. This is a combination of...
Sloe Gin - Sloemotion Distillery Sloe Gin - Sloemotion Distillery
This is where it all began. Conservation work on the farm ended up yielding lots of fruit on the hedges helping wildlife; it also gave...
An eye-catching hedgerow-sketch gift set with a 5cl bottle of our classic Hedgerow Liqueurs. Our award-winning Sloe Gin, Bramble Whisky, lauded by whisky lovers and...
Cherry Brandy - Sloemotion Distillery Cherry Brandy - Sloemotion Distillery
If you can find a better Cherry Brandy we’d like to know about it. Made with only whole sweet and sour cherries, this delightful and...
Damson Gin - Sloemotion Distillery Damson Gin - Sloemotion Distillery
Ryedale in the northern part of the Vale of York used to be a major producer of Damsons, the domesticated cousin of the Sloe. We...
Sorted Food - Strawberry Gin Liqueur - Sloemotion Distillery Sorted Food - Strawberry Gin Liqueur - Sloemotion Distillery
Sorted Food x Sloemotion Distillery are proud to present our Summer Special Strawberry Gin Liqueur with Vanilla and Black Pepper. Aside from freshly cut grass...
Sloe Ruby - Sloemotion Distillery Sloe Ruby - Sloemotion Distillery
The combination of Ruby Port, Sloes & Hedgerow Gin ought not to work, but it does! Once tried it’s impossible to forget. Unlike our other...
Hedgerow Botanical Vodka 70cl - Sloemotion Distillery Hedgerow Botanical Vodka 70cl - Sloemotion Distillery
We are so proud of this product; not only did it win the UK’s Best Flavoured Gin at the 2020 World Vodka Awards, it changes...
Blackberry & Apple Dry Gin 70cl - Sloemotion Distillery Blackberry & Apple Dry Gin 70cl - Sloemotion Distillery
Following the mantra of what grows together, goes together we experimented with these two hedgerow staples; blackberries, the jewel-like, mellow, juicy fruit and the sweet...
Sloe Gin with Winter Spices - Sloemotion Distillery Sloe Gin with Winter Spices - Sloemotion Distillery
This limited edition is a classic Sloe Gin with a few twists – stronger than our classic Sloemotion Sloe Gin as the sloe berries are...
An eye catching hedgerow-sketch gift set with a mini bottle of our classic Hedgerow Gin and it's pink cousin Hedgerow Gin with Rhubarb and Raspberry...
Strawberry Spirit Drink with Vodka – 70cl Strawberry Spirit Drink with Vodka – 70cl life
The limited batch Strawberry Spirit is here. Made with our vodka and Yorkshire strawberries, from Annabel’s Strawberry farm. At 30% ABV it’s lower in alcohol,...

Experience the Best Gin, Vodka & Liqueurs at Sloemotion Distillery

Welcome to Sloemotion Distillery, based in beautiful North Yorkshire in the UK. For 20 years we have been using locally foraged ingredients and a wealth of knowledge to create unique and flavourful gins, vodkas and liqueurs that are loved by drinks enthusiasts across the country.

At Sloemotion Distillery we pride ourselves on distilling craft spirits in small batches in our eco-friendly iStill. Along with our unique, foraged ingredients, this allows us to create drinks with a depth of flavour that cannot be achieved with large-scale distillation.

After distillation, our gins, vodkas and liqueurs are blended with purified water to achieve the perfect flavour and ABV. Our distillation and steeping processes (for our liqueurs) are a true labour of love, and it is this care and attention to detail that sets our products apart; you can taste it in every sip.

The Ingredients – Foraged Botanicals for Unique Flavours

To make Gin you need Juniper, Coriander, Angelica and Orris Root as the base botanicals; these are what makes Gin, Gin! It’s impossible to get Juniper from the UK, so we like most other distilleries, get ours from South Eastern Europe & Italy. Our Angelica and Orris come from Belgium or Poland.

But to make the best gins and spirits you don’t just need those botanicals! Sloemotion Distillery began when conservation work on the farm lead to lots of sloes appearing on the hedgerows and we had the idea to make Sloe Gin. So, foraging for botanicals as well as fruits from the farm and surrounding areas to create our range of craft gins, vodkas and liqueurs comes naturally to us. We go along way to ensure the botanicals and fruits are carefully selected for their unique flavours and aromas!

For our classic Hedgerow Gin we use juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root & orris root, but then we also add locally foraged nettle leaves, rosehips, crab apples, elderflower, sloe stones and wildflower hay.

We then also use other hand-picked wild and farmed fruits to enhance our fruit gins and liqueurs. 

Our Range of Craft Gins - Find the Perfect Gin for You

We offer a range of craft spirits including gins, vodkas and liqueurs, each with its own unique flavour profile. Whether you prefer a classic dry or a flavoured gin, we have something for everyone.

Our flagship product is our award-winning Hedgerow Gin, which is made with a blend of locally sourced botanicals. We then take that Gin and add Sloe berries to steep for a period of months to make our fantastic Sloe Gin.

For those who prefer a flavoured gin, our Hedgerow Rhubarb and Raspberry Gin is a popular choice. We take pressed Yorkshire Rhubarb juice and blend it with our Hedgerow Gin and gently infuse it with Raspberries. Despite the fruitiness, this is still a very dry gin.

If you want to try a variety of our products, we also offer miniatures of our Hedgerow spirits and liqueurs in gift packs, perfect for sampling or as a gift for a gin-loving friend.

The Best Gins in the UK - Sloemotion Distillery at the Top

We are very proud to have been named one of the best gin distilleries in the UK by numerous publications, including The Gin Guide. Our commitment to using foraged ingredients, eco-friendly distillation and traditional steeping methods has earned us a reputation for producing some of the best spirits in the UK.

We are proud to be a member of the Gin Guild, an organisation that represents the highest standards of gin distillation and promotes the appreciation and knowledge of gin. Our membership in the Gin Guild is a testament to our dedication to producing the best gin possible.

We look forward to sharing our passion for Gin and other spirits with you and helping you find the perfect product to suit your taste.