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Waste not, want not with our Sloe Gin Truffles! - Sloemotion Distillery

Waste not, want not with our Sloe Gin Truffles!

There’s a strong ethos of respect for the environment at Sloemotion Distillery and its been there from Day 1 – nearly 20 years ago. The business began almost by accident as the result of a wildlife conservation project – cutting the hedges less often resulted in loads of sloes! Double win!

As well as recycling and re-using all of our cardboard, all of our botanicals used in the gin distillation and all of our staff kitchen waste, one of our award winning and most TASTIEST (!) of re-purposing projects, is the creation of our Sloe Gin Truffles.
These truffles are made by using the gin-soaked sloes from our Sloe Gin making process. Once the sloes have been steeped in the gin, we remove the stones (which we use as a botanical in our gin distillation). We then blend them with a ganache, and roll them in a rich dark chocolate resulting in a unique truffle experience!

Award winning and delicious! Winner of 2 Gold Stars Great Taste Awards 2018.

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