Sloemotion Liqueurs

The sloe is steeped in history. The enclosure of Britain’s commons many moons ago took land from the country folk. Blackthorn hedges carved up the countryside. But blackthorn brought with it a dark blue bitter fruit, delicious when soaked in gin and sugar. The simple sloe brought at least some harmony among the hedgerows and soothed the spirits of the landless.

Bearer of the sloe, blackthorn is a signature of the British countryside. Sloes grow on its hedges and thickets when they’re left to flourish, uncut. Britain wouldn’t be nearly the same without its gnarly brambles, foraged by generations of country folk for pie and crumble. Sloemotion is big on foraged fruit, and most of our ingredients are handpicked from local hedgerows and orchards.

Sloemotion’s founder Joff, a conservationist by trade. Respect for nature and the environment plays a big part in our business. We use recyclable materials wherever we can, and we recycle what we can – the sloes for our truffles and chutney come from the sloe liqueur making process! Even the sample cups we use at shows are biodegradable.

Our Sloe Gin is made exactly the same way as it was in the 18th Century – with the fruit steeped in gin and sugar and left to mature. It’s a wonderful ruby red colour, because nothing is added to our sloe Juice only natural quality ingredients.

Whichever product you choose from Sloemotion Liqueurs you will not disappointed; we only use the highest quality natural ingredients, which when mixed with the passion of our head distiller and nature’s magic you are guaranteed a taste experience.

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