Our Ethos

Responsible Distilling

For any spirit producer the biggest energy usage is the still itself, iStill has revolutionised the world of distilling, improving performance, accuracy and therefore, crucially for us, minimising impacts on the planet. Most distilleries can be uncomfortably hot, due to inefficiencies of the still itself. The highly insulated, energy efficient iStill, means our distillery is just right, temperature wise. It works effortlessly at Green Farm; this is 21st century Responsible Distilling.

Recycle, re-use, re-purpose

  • All our cardboard “waste” is recycled or re-used. About 50% goes back onto the fields at Green Farm as a soil conditioner, and 50% is re-purposed as packaging.
  • All our waste glass is recycled.
  • The botanicals from the gin making process are composted here at Green Farm and then go back onto the land as a soil conditioner.
  • Spent fruit from the liqueur making process goes to make our delicious Sloe Chutney and Sloe Gin Chocolate Truffles. What isn’t used for that, is composted here and then goes onto the land.
  • Even our staff kitchen waste, from tea bags to apple cores, is composted here.
  • For our production facility we upcycled and re-purposed farm buildings. We have undertaken careful renovation work of each of the existing buildings, including a cow shed, grain store and a dairy to create a fully functioning modern distillery & production facility with BRC accreditation, with storage and office spaces.


  • At shows and events our sample cups are made of biodegradeable plant starch.